• 9.30am

    Welcome tea/coffee

  • 10am

    Lewis Hearne
    Carfulan Group - Group Marketing Manager

    Introduction and welcome - introducing the facility and going over the agenda for the day.

  • 10.15am

    Colby Finn
    OGP/QVI - Vice President, Marketing 

    OGP's position in the metrology industry - where OGP are and where are they going; what is the future of metrology.

  • 10.45am

    Gene Van Patten
    ProLink Software - Director of Sales

    Data is king: the perfect software solution for all levels - deep dive into automated data collection, quality analysis and the benefits of Prolink Software. Make better, more informed decisions for your business.

  • 11.30am

    Colby Finn
    OGP/QVI - Vice President, Marketing

    Why is ZONE3 the world’s most comprehensive metrology software - how ZONE3 metrology software works with you, for you.  

  • 12pm

    Lunch break

  • 12.45pm

    Dave O'Connor
    ShapeGrabber - Director of Sales & Marketing

    OGP multi-sensor measurement solutions - deep dive into OGP’s latest technologies, exploring how customers can future-proof all of their measurement requirements.

  • 1.30pm

    Live demonstrations and Q&A

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